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In my mom's case, which no radiation was done at first, she had scans every 8 weeks I think. She would do one big chemo treatment on 1 thursday and then follow with 2 smaller treatments the next thursdays and then a week off. She then would repeat that same process. After the second cycle, she would then get a scan. She had some radiation done after her last chemo treatment. They said that the radiation would take a while to work, therefore her next scan is Nov. 28. My mom is sclc ext. so your situation may be totally different.

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Most often they don't do scans until your done with your treatments, however if there are problems then they will do them.

Radiation continues to work for months after you complete it.

When was her last CT SCAN?

One things we never seem to keep in mind is, doing a LOT of CT's really aren't a good idea either. And of course the cost factor! :roll: But, we they really don't want us LC Patients to start lighting up! :P:wink: I'm sure when your mom is done with chemo they will do a CT, depending on when her last scan was done.

Hope she is doing well with her treatments.

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I have chest/abdomen/pelvis CT scans with contrast after every 2 or so rounds of chemo just to check progress. We look for shrinkage or stable. If anything appears to be new or growing, the Oncologist rethinks the drug regimen, and makes a change - just like what we're doing now going from the oral Topotecan to this drug trial.

I think you'll find a variety of timelines that people have scans, and what kinds of scans we all have, and when.


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