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What to expect?


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Thanks again for all the warm welcomes, and you guys were right it does get a bit better, I'm not crying everyday and I am looking to the future.

I will post my Dads bio in my signature when I know what to post and how to do it..stil trying to learn the language of lung cancer.

Dad had a CAT scan on his brain yesterday, they were worried about his headaches and that came back clear. He did not have a MRI because he does not do well with them. Does the CAT scan tell you enough to rest assured?

Also, he is scheduled for a lymph node biopsy next Thur., but I just read this article, http://www.mayoclinic.org/news2005-jax/2972.html

about Mayo using ultrasound to do biopsys and of course want him to receive the best care and would like to get everyones thoughts on that. My aunt participates in Mayo clinic studies in FL and has been trying to get my Dad down there.

Finally, I am not planning on being there for the biopsy since he lives 9 hours away and am trying to save my sick/vacation time for what lies ahead, for those of you familiar with this, am I making the right decision. I have no idea what really lies ahead.

Sorry to be so long and thanks for the help.


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This procedure sounds pretty good, especially if your dad has risk factors for undergoing anesthesia for either a bronch or open biopsy or mediastinoscopy.

Why don't you call Mayo in Jacksonville and inquire as to the wait time for a consult for the procedures?

Good luck


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