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CT Results and next step


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Joel had bone and body scan, MRI of head throat and neck on Tuesday. Met with new onc today. Joel has had headaches the last week and had me convinced he had mets to brain. So good news is no brain mets, the "tumor" on his right hip is a bad bed sore from lying on that side for 7 months since left lung was removed. Neck tumor is mostly necrosis, I assume that means dead cancer cells? He does have some small new spots on right lung and kidney but dr said that overall it is good news and much better than he expected. Joel starts chemo next Wednesday. He is anemic and got a shot for that.

I felt deliriously happy; Joel has a hard time staying positive. I told him if total remission is the only thing that will make him happy, we have a hard road ahead. I'm happy for every day he's alive. I understand he's exhausted, is on a liquid only diet and still has quite a bit of pain but let's celebrate today. Son and wife coming in tomorrow for the holiday weekend; I know they will lift his spirits.

I told the dr we're crazy about him and his straight shooting manner and he said we didn't know what that meant to him, he'd had such an awful day. I can only imagine what the typical day of an oncologist is.

That's our mostly good news. We're thankful.

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