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Dad has good scan results, but I have some questions too!


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Posted: Thu Aug 07, 2003 10:53 pm Post subject: Dad has good scan results!!


Hi Everyone:

Went with Dad to onc appointment today to get results of most recent ct scans after having received 4 0f 6 scheduled series of chemo. The doc said my Dad is doing great and that the chemo seems to be doing the trick. The liver mets have gotten smaller and the lung mass is now virtually an empty cavity where the mass used to be, but not completely gone. Hey, I will take that! Dad will receive his next two sessions as scheduled and then will be re-scanned after 6th one. I asked doc what was plan after that and she said she will see him every month and re-scan every two months. I don't know if this is aggresive enough, what do you guys think. Remember Dad has small cell(extensive) and this can greow VERY rapidly. Onc seemed very positive today and commented that my Dad looked good, he loved that being the lady's man that he thinks he is LOL. I was wondering if I should ask doc about possible radiation ect... or maintenance chemo after short break from this initial one. Just wanted to share this good news and hopefully get some answers at the same time. You guys are the BEST


Dad dx. extensive small cell(May1, 2003) mets to liver



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Hi Kellyu,

Great news about your Dad. Sounds like you have a good doctor. Ask lots of questions. My experience has been to NOT second guess the doctor or think of all the things that might be; either they are or their not. Keep focused on the things you have control over. I don't think about my next appointment. I think about all of the things I can do, like work or social activities. I have a great group of supporters: family, nurses, doctors, friends, and church friends. My response to questions is always I'm doing great unless otherwise noted on my chart at the doctors office.

Remember, our hope is in the Lord.


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So glad to hear the good news so far. I so understand your questions. I did a lot of research on my father-in-law's condition and had them myself. My FIL was only limited stage when this began and he did have the radiation to the chest. There were some side effects, which were manageable, and I want to point out that there are some really good posts here with advice related directly to that if your dad goes down that road. My FIL was also going to do PCI, preventive brain radiation, but suffered an anxiety attack when he went in the 1st time and wouldn't continue. His onc had wanted this as it had provided the best survival rates in his patients who were limited stage SCLC, however, it may be a whole different ball game with folks dx extensive stage SCLC.

I would write down all the Qs you have for the next doctor visit and ask why radiation isn't being considered as an option. It could be that his response to the chemo has surpassed others and she is hopeful he will only need to go through that. Everyone's situation can be so different, but the one thing that seems to be the constant here is positive thinking that this thing can be beat!!! My prayers are there for total reduction by the end of chemo and solid answers to all your questions.

God bless~


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Guest peggyd

Dear Kelly

What wonderful news. I am so happy for your dad.

Its scary not knowing if everything that can be done is being done. Know where you are coming from. I guess your best bet is to sit down and talk to the onc and find out his feelings on the situation, why he is doing what he is.

I am praying that you will have continued success. Your good news certainly brightened my day.


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Listen to the Dr. I had almost 9 mos of chemo the first go around and then went to every 2 mos CT and saw the Dr every month with labs only. They found a new tumor 1 yr later BUT I had 1 full yr of remission and no chemo during that time. I had a hard time the first few mos getting used to being non-assertive but it got easy fast!! Good luck! Great news!

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Hi, My friend was diagnosed with SCLC w/mets to liver the same day as your dad, he finished 4 rounds of VP 16 and cisplatin and then had a cat scan with similar results. the tumor was almost gone, and the liver mets were ? non existant... his blood work is slowly getting lower but not low enough to worry about so far and he's had no nausea at all. His appetite is good, although he does get progressively a bit more tired after each treatment. His liver lab studies have never been abnormal through all this. His onc doctor said after the cat scan she'd do one more chemo round, then scan again in two weeks. which is what we are waiting for now, then do his 6th round of chemo. We were wondering what the plan was after that too and were told he'd be watched by having serial x rays every few months and cat scans inbetween or something. (i had all i could do not to scream that the stuff grows like wild fire) we were also told that they'd go by symptoms.. (there aren't any sometimes....!) They said they don't do "all" cat scans... hmm... sounds blue cross-ish to me. My friend has tribal insurance that covers everything and anything that blue cross doesn't pay so we are going to look into seeing just exactly what crap this is.... this monitoring costing too much.

I don't think they could never monitor him as much as I'd like them to. And since he's doing so well with them chemo (although he'd kick me) i figured why not do one more treatment just to be sure...? I'll be sitting up nights staring at him like i did when i had my preemie. I think maybe your worries are normal, cuz i'm feeling this too. I do see people saying to trust the doctors, I am envious of those who have doctors they feel they can trust, I dont' know one. I can't do that. It isn't that i'm a control freak, Too many things have happened so far with my family and my friend because I trusted the medical community. I have to ask questions and insist on answers. If my friend had had the x-rays i knew he needed months sooner who knows where he'd be today. But the doctors refused. So I'm going to have a hard time with the monitoring thing. Even if they are doing the right thing.

*sigh* I am glad I have this board, cuz things were so black w hen this started.

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