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Holiday Help

Donna G

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This was in our Church Bulletin this weekend

Holidays can pose a time of intense emotional turmoil. It is hard to imagine joyful activities when you feel overwhelmed with anxiety and depression. Family celebrations only seem to affirm the absence of a loved one. It is important to practice "love and kindness" for yourself as you approach the holiday season and those special occasions.

The following suggestions may help you to cope with your feelings as you encounter the holiday season.

1. Pace yourself. Reduce the expectations and unnecessary pressures of how to prepare for the holidays. Reduce the gift list, symplify the holiday menu, send out fewer cards-friends and family member will understand.

2. Change traditions. Trying to keep everything the same as before only magnifies the absence of your loved one.

3. Maintain adequate sleep. Experiencing grief can be exhausting in itself. A hectic schedule of holiday activities and lack of sleep can only result in a decreased ability to cope with the emotional pain that may be part of the holiday season.

4. Allow yourself time for quiet. A time to refect on the happy memories, time to find spititual renewal: time to allow yourself to grieve.

5. Reach out. Choose company for the day. Your grief easily slips out of the minds of family and friends. Don't hesitate to present your need and ask for companionship.

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Donna, thank you..I need all the help and prayers I can get..I wish The lord would come down and give me the choice of staying here or going with Mark..Is this being selfish and ignorant? I have a husband and 20 year old daughter that need me here, yet I would consider going with my brother..I sure hope this feeling of emptiness gets better..The world is NOT the same without Mark..I know all of you have similar feelings, and won't think I have lost my mind..I pray daily for all of you and myself..Is God listening to me!!!


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