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Gemzar side effect


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Hi -

Has anyone had a side effect from Gemzar of swelling -- ankles, face, neck? My mom is also retainin a lot of fluid out of the blue (after chemo two days ago.)

I know that the swelling can be indicative of problems with the lymph system...although I am optimistically hoping it is something else. I have a call into the onc.....but thought I check with all of you as well.

Thanks as always,


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Hi Holly,

I was on Gemzar but did not get any side effects. I do remember they were always asking me before each treatment if I had any swelling etc. Always said to call if any problems. Best to double check and let them know. I did have to take something prior with one of my chemo's but can't remember if it was Gemzar, been so long. Good idea also to "Ask The Experts". Hope this helps.


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Hi all -

Thanks for the response.. we are going to watch the swelling for a day or two, and if necessary do an ultrasound in the neck area...you are right they don't think it is from the Gemzar, but may simply be edema....or worst case a clot in the neck area (which we are doubting now as it is starting to go away everywhere.)

Of course every time something changes, I immediately get paranoid. I am so thankful that we have a great doctor with a group of assistants who get right back to us.



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