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Hi everyone,

It's been a long time since I've been here. Lots going on.

My mom had a scan a week ago which revealed a 30% growth in her nodules. She had been on Taxol/Carbo, which shrunk the original tumor. Doc put her on Erbitux once every three weeks.

What I need is info/success stories on this drug. The info I found on the web is limited; mostly concerning colon cancer. We are having multiple problems right now, because my mom came home from Cancer Treatment Centers after her first round, walked in the door, and fell. Hubby had to call 911. I could only watch from the upper bathroom window because I am on complete bedrest, 27 weeks pregnant and high risk. Turns out she broke her arm and her kneecap. For those of you who remember my mom, she is in a wheelchair handicapped from polio and is now in post-polio syndrome, so she needs her arms to walk any length with a walker. She is also on dialysis, with 17% kidney function left, but this limits the type of chemo she can receive unless she is willing to give up all kidney function. Finally, we live in Illinois (Chicago area) and she goes to Cancer Treatment Centers of America, which is where they put her on Erbitux, but since we live on the Indiana boerder, she is in hospital in IN, and the "satellite onco" she sees said Erbitux has not been approved for use in IN for anything but colon cancer. SO...she may have to go by ambulance up to CTCA to get her chemo. My real concern is that it seems like this drug is only used as a complementary drug to others, like Carbo and Taxol.

Has anyone taken this alone?

Sorry this got so long! I was able to go up to see her yesterday after my doc appt, and she was thrilled. Her pain is easing up a bit; the knee has been very painful. She will be going into skilled nursing in the transition before coming home, probably about 8 weeks. What a mess...

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My mom is on Irbitux/erbitux....not sure how its spelled

She is involved in a clinical trial for it right now. In July she started chemo.....Taxol and Carbo every 3 weeks and Irbitux every week

She had wonderful results with the combo, her lung tumor shrunk by 80% and her nodes maybe 100%. She is now off the Taxol/Carbo and only on the irbitux. It is a 'targeted' drug they call it. Unlike the chemo which attacks all cells, the irbitux works in a different way, I think it confuses the cells and keeps them from dividing...?? The side effects are very few. She will remain of the irbitux forever they say

Her last scan was stable, that was taken right after her last Taxo treatment. She has another scan next week. I am scared beyong words. So far though, the drs are very happy with how she is doing and they feel it is all because of the irbitux

I wish your mother well

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Hello Erin,

I don't think we've "met" before. Your mom sounds like she has lots of ammo up her sleeves for dealing with all this. She's a seasoned veteran.

I don't have any personal experience with this treatment, but just want to offer support and congratulate your mom on reaching her one year anniversary! A big milestone.

Keep us posted and have the best holiday you can.


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