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Minnesota doctor- lung cancer screening

Donna G

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This was on TV last evening.At their web site also a video.

Minnesota plays key role in potential lung cancer breakthrough

A Minnesota doctor is at the forefront of a new study that is making a case to use X-rays to try and catch lung cancer in its very early stages, before symptoms send a person to the doctor.

North Memorial Oncologist Doctor Martin Oken sees some potential in the early findings

of the study about a Chest X-ray Screening test for Lung Cancer.

Currently, Doctor Oken says X-rays are not recommended for screening. But they are used in diagnosis.

Wednesday, the "Journal of the National Cancer Institute" reported that in the largest

lung cancer screening study ever - 155,000 participants including 30,000 Minnesotans - chest X-rays led to the discovery of early or Stage One cancer in 44 percent of those diagnosed with lung cancer.

Lead author, Doctor Oken says that's nearly triple the current rate. He says

"The trick with lung cancer is to get it early when it's still curable by surgery." When caught early there's better than a 50/50 chance of living at least five years.

The Journal says usually by the time symptoms begin to occur, the cancer's often advanced. In fact, 90 percent of newly diagnosed patients are dead within two years.

Before X-rays are recommended for use, researchers must review more data from the study, which could take a couple of years.

By Greg Vandegrift , KARE 11 News

(Copyright 2005 by KARE. All Rights Reserved.)

Last Updated: 12/21/2005 5:50:33 PM

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