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When it rains it snows!!!


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I have something to share with you. I'm not sure that it is appropriate for this forum but it shows how quickly things can change. I also want to ask for your prayers that the outcome of all of this will turn out to be some good things.

Yesterday was one of the toughest days I have had in quite a while. A few months ago I would never have made it through but now I have come to see that there is a pattern to life and all we can do is go with the flow.

The day started out as usuall. I was up early so I could have time to chill out before getting ready for work. When I first got up I saw that my car was full of ice again. I thought I would have to use the blow dryer to get my door opened again. By the time I was ready to go the ice was gone and the clouds had moved in. On my way to work it started to rain. That was not in the forcast.

I got to my lady who is so needfull at 9:30. I had to call her on the phone to open the door. She let me in then went back to bed while I fixed her breakfast. When I went to wake her I couldn't get her to wake up. I called her and shook her but she didn't respond. Finally I got her to answer me but she never opened her eyes. I could see her struggling to open them. I asked if she was hurting and she shook her head yes.

I asked her where she hurt and she said one word. I couldn't tell it it was "Hot" or "Heart". Still she wouldn't open her eyes. I decided to call my boss and ask what to do. It didn't really seem like a medical emergency but with a history of heart problems I couldn't take the chance. My boss told me to call her son. He decided to call 911. It all went down hill from there!

When the parametics walked in her room and spoke to her she woke up. Boy did she ever. All it took was to know there was a man in her room. She told them to leave her alone and used a few choice words about men. She was abused by men through the years and hates all men except her son. I tried to reason with her but she refused to allow them to even take her blood pressure. When her son arrived her tried to talk to her but she was stubborn. Finally her got her to set on the side of the bed(after she insisted he close the door) then she drank a glass of milk. She told him she didn't wake up because she didn't want to be bothered. I saw her trying to open her eyes so I know it was more than that. The dementia has gotten to the point it is affecting her physically.

After everyone left she woke up from a nap and remembered nothing. She was her same sweet self and the time there went smoothly until I left. In the mean time the manager of the apartments called her son to talk to him. It seems she has been wandering at all hours of the night knocking on the neighbors doors sometimes at 2 in the morning. He finally realized that he can no longer put off placing her somewhere secure. She can not be alone at all now.

So now I am upset to see her placed where I know it will be very hard for her to adjust but I know this is the only way to go. I just pray that she will be alright. As for me it takes away a major chunk of my income. My boss is working to find me replacement hours and I suspect I will end up spending even more nights away from home for a while. I have no choice if I want to get caught up. I was just so close. Anyway the important thing is that hopefully this dear lady will be safe. God how I hate some of the diseases that people have to live with. What is worse cancer or Alzhiemers? They both tear your heart out :!:

So I went on to my next job and noticed the sky was really getting low. It was not suposed to be that way. Then on my way home I saw a sign that said chains required. It also gave a radio station to tune to for information. Of coarse I couldn't find the station. Sense the road above my turn off is usually snowed in and requires chains I thought I was clear.

I made it up the big hill that usually has snow and the road was clear. Then when I got to the bridge across Whiskeytown Lake it started snowing. I still had nearly 10 miles to go. I just kept driving. I have chains in my car but have no idea how to put them on. Luckily the snow was a wet one so the road wasn't getting too bad at first. When I finlly got to my turn off things really got bad. The road was covered with snow. There was a school bus in front of me going about 10 miles an hour and I just followed in his tirme tracks. I made it home to see what normally would look like a winter wonder land to me. This time I saw it as a threat to my job.

When I got home I called at work and told them I was not sure what today would bring. So they tried to find someone to work my 24 hour job but no one is available. Well the snow melted overnight and it looks like the road will be clear. So I am off in an hour and hopefully all will go well. I can't afford to lose any more of my income.

So you see things can change so quickly and I have really learned the meaning of the phrase "the best laid plans of mice and men" Please say a prayer that all goes well for my dear lady and that somehow I will still have enough work to get me through and save for a trip to see my family. It will be two years in June sense I have had any time with them.

Thanks for putting up with my rambling. I just felt the need to tell someone about all of this and too I see a lesson we can all learn from. God Bless. Lillian

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What an intense day! I just can't imagine.

I got to spend part of my day talking to two mothers of 6th grade boys, and having to pass on the comments the boys made in class (let's just say it was a body reference way more offensive than "hooters," but in the same ballpark). Both moms were horrified, and I had to try to talk them down while emphasizing that the behavior wouldn't be tolerated.

Doesn't quite match your day, but isn't "nice" sometimes to have to deal with non-cancerous situations? Doesn't it make you feel a little more "normal"? Maybe I'm just weird that way.

Hope next week is better!

:) Kelly

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