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is chemo worth it?


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My FIL is 81 years old, but he is generally extremely healthy, exclusive of the lung cancer diagnosis.

We were nervous about him doing chemo, due to his age. In fact, one of the kids believed very strongly that he shouldn't do chemo, because of everything you hear.

He actually tolerated the chemo very well...a little nausea, fatigue, lost his hair - but, he was able to still bowl once a week, snowblow not only his own driveway and sidewalks, but his neighbors too.

Unfortunately, they cannot guarantee in advance whether chemo will help - but I think that it is certainly worth a shot to help your chances. There are lots of things the drs can do to help alleviate the side affects!

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Thank you so much for all your responses. I wanted my dad to try chemo but him and mom were a little skeptical and this has really helped me to persuade them that it would be a good thing.

That is if we can ever get to that point. The waiting is awful. We're still waiting for a surgeon to send his referral to another surgeon. And nothing's being done. Meanwhile, Dad's breathing is getting harder and harder. Now he's saying that even swallowing pills is getting difficult. But the surgeon told me that he'd write out the referral on Monday.

Also, Dad doesn't have a g.p. here because he hasn't lived here very long and there's none that are accepting new patients right now so if there's a problem we have to just go to a walk in clinic. I'm hoping that a doctor will become available soon. Dad still hasn't gotten anything for pain except for some codeine that he had left over from before. And his breathing is pretty bad. Maybe he could get something to help. But the tumour is taking up so much room in his lung I'm not sure if anything could make that easier to bear. He's starting to feel pretty uncomfortable.

Thanks for reading and thanks so much for taking the time to reply.


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