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Pictures Still Needed


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One of our members, Lisa (LTech), had posted a few weeks ago looking for pictures of survivors or people we have lost from lung cancer to use for a flash presentation on a tribute website:

If you wish to participate, I need pictures of loved ones with Cancer sent here: ENLTich1104@aol.com . It can be of someone you have lost from Cancer or someone who is fighting to get well. (Please include any personal information you would like me to add to their picture, such as name & dates if applicable.) And in case anyone is wondering, everything is donated. I never, ever accept a dime for my work. I always provide links to reputable charitable organizations, if someone does wish to donate.

Anyway, Lisa has only gotten a few pictures. Since I know we need to keep putting our faces out there, I told Lisa I would post to ask for pics again since I don't mind seeming 'pushy' for a good cause :) . I know sometimes we just assume someone else is doing it or we just don't get around to doing it or we just miss the post somehow. So I wanted to remind everyone, that if you would like to, Lisa would love to get your picture at her email address listed above.

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Thanks Debi!! You are a gem!

Don't make me use 20 pictures of Debi for the tribute!! :lol: (I told Debi I was going to threaten that)

Things are moving along. Machine Planet has generously offered all the space/bandwidth needed for the site & will be sponsoring it. The only thing holding us back is the pictures to do the tribute.

The site will (of course!) include links to this website, lungevity & many other lung cancer support & charity sites. It will also represent all types of cancer & include links for those as well.

So PLEASE send me those pictures! :D



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When are estimating the site will be ready?


The site should be up sometime in February, provided I get enough pictures to complete the Flash tribute. Everything else is already in place.

close to the edge- If you already have pictures on your computer, click the 'attachment' button on a blank email. It will allow you to browse files on your computer. Once you find the file you want to use, click on it & it will add it to the email.

If you don't already have pictures on your computer, you can take a favorite picture to Walgreens or any other photo center & they can put it on a CD for you, to load to your computer.

Hope that helps!


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Can it be a family photo or do you just want the survivor? I can send you the one of all of us, but I will have to try to get one of him alone.


It can be a family picture too. Cancer affects everyone in the family & it only seems fitting for them to be included in this tribute as well. Please be sure to include his information with the picture, like type of Cancer, how long in remission, dates, etc., if applicable.

Special thanks to everyone who sent pictures, I got in 3 more today! Keep em' coming!

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