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Questions I Should Ask Now To Make Things "Easier"


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Hi all....I hope my newly-made profile shows up here to help you answer my subject. My mom is just diagnosed with stage 3b squamous non-small cell lung cancer -- she has some up-front complications from that which I am having alot of difficulty finding research on.

Anyway, we have another doctor appointment on Monday with her chemo. onocologist (2nd chemo treatment that day too, taxol). I want to make a comprehensive list of questions to ask him so we are prepared to deal with her condition as we have no information to go on so far. I have a basic list of questions to ask thanks to the American Cancer Society NexProfiler tool. What I am looking for is, based on anyone's experiences, what other questions I should ask the doctor that might help.....in other words, what do you wish you had asked your doctor at initial diagnosis that might have helped you cope with complications or other situations better?

Thanks in advance. If I see that my profile didn't emerge on this, I will try this again -- my profile history will probably aid you bunches here. I just joined today so bear with me.

Linda :roll:

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That is a tough act to follow First of all. I am not medically trained but I think I got here first off.

Linda 661 first off you are in a great place for Info. I joined a year ago. Find out exactly what meds they are giving her. Think about Nausea, and energy levels. Side effects of course. What drugs do what. Keep a journal of every Appointment and for questions you think of in between. Ask about Complementative Therapies and possibly supplements. SKin condition like dryness. Treated with Favorite Moisturizer of course that is the easy one to handle. Find out whatr each drug is and does. Right down all the details you can think of. Side effects generally differ for each person. Deb went 2 and a half years with her Hair intact. Try to make each and every appointment. Write down everything you can think of. Never give up hope when things are down and out . Think Positive everyday. Much love and Many prayers for you and your Family. Read all you can here.

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Hi Linda,

You should try to get hospice if you want your Mom to come home. The Visiting Nurse Association Hospice was wonderful and it is paid for by Medicare as well as all your Mom's medications. They will give you information on how to care for your Mom and send a girl to help with her personal care. I believe someone in the home must be living with your mother although a friend of mine was alone and lived in a boarding house. Maybe your Mom is just not getting enough oxygen to the brain. That happens sometimes. She could live a good long time. There are people on this site in stage four and have been doing well. Prayers and big hugs for you and your Mom. My friend had hospice for nearly three years. He went for the chemo and radiation, He had a large tumor on his chest and was afraid of surgery. A few times he became confused when he refused his oxygen. He smoked and started his chair on fire so they gave him three choices: quit, go to a hospice home where he could smoke with supervision, or take away the oxygen. He took away the oxygen and after a few months, the nurse found him on the floor one day. She took him to a hospital where he was put back on oxygen and he lived about three more months in a hospice home. The oncologist refused to admit him to the hospital. They wanted to just let him die, but the nurse fought for him until she found a decent doctor who would admit him to a hospital. Thank God she did. He had some happy days in those three months and the hospice home made sure he was medicated for pain. Sorry to ramble on. Hope things work out for you and your Mom.



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