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Wonder how David P qualified today

Donna G

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Today is August 16, David said the 12 hr qualifying race was today. You know the bicycle race. Any body up their in Canada hear how he is doing? It is suppose to be at the Hemlock Valley Ski Resort I believe. -As soon as anyone finds out let us know.

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Hi Donna.

I haven't had much time to work the board lately. Turns out the Hemlock qualifying race was cancelled due to poor registration turn out. I was devistated!! Now I couldn't get to the World Championships...I thought.

Well, I immediately emailed the coordinator trying to convince her that because I was already paid up and registered, I would have qualified if the race were to take place. She agreed. She said that everyone who tried to qualify last year did so, and because of the few numbers, she had no reason to believe that the same wouldn't be true this year. SO, I'M IN!!!

I've been working with a nutritionist trying to figure out what 600 calories looks like in real food ( I need to eat at least 600 calories per hour while racing). And I'm testing my little food bags on long rides lately - the latest was 17 miles up to Huuricane Ridge in the Olympics on Saturday to the one mile high mark, and tomorrow I'll be continuously riding up and down a 1300 ft. hill called Mt. Douglas all day; the most I've ever done it was 8 times in a row. I should get in at least 15 or 16, now that I'm in better condition :wink: . Got to go. I'll keep everyone posted. Take Care,

David P.

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