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Need informations please!

Guest Gabriel

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Guest Gabriel


My name is Gabriel and I am from Romania.My mom was diagnosed with pulmonary neoplasm-pleomorphic carcinoma!After a pneumonectomy she has to do chemotherapy(6 sessions).They wrote on the exit note that she was surgically cured.I want to know if this is true and if after the chemotherapy there is the possibility that another tumor will appear.Is there any chance for my mom to live more years?There is no other tumor localised to other organs or to the other lung.She has to do Cisplatin chemotherapy.She is feeling quite well....If you have any informations PLEASE contact me at GABRIEL_2ROM@YAHOO.COM.I really need help and moral support because I am scared like hell!

Thank you!


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Dear Gabriel,

I am sorry to hear your mother has lung cancer. However she on the road to becoming a SURVIVOR of lung cancer!!!! :)

I am NOT a doom and gloom person when it comes to the fight for our life living and dealing with lung cancer, however, you had asked if another tumor could appear, and from my understanding being a lung cancer survivor myself, the answer is YES!!! We are really never out of the woods as far as being 100% cured!! :( But, that's not to say she doesn't have a GOOD chance of beating this. It sounds like her doctor's are covering all the bases and the fact that she is getting chemo is a good thing as well! Better to be safe then sorry!!

I wish you and your mom all the best as she travels through her chemo. Try and keep a positive attitude and a stiff upper lip. It helps to get through the rough spots.

Keep us up to date on how your mom and YOU are doing! This is beatable and I am living proof of that!!! As are so many others!!!

Take care.

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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