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My mom just finished her 8th of 10 whole brain radiation treatments for some very small lesions found by an MRI two weeks ago. She seemed to be weathering the radiation pretty well until last night -- when she became very disoriented. I would ask her questions and she would give answers that didn't match. Or she would mix-up words -- like ambication for medication. She has kind of a glazed, confused look in her eyes. Anyone else seen these kind of symptoms before? The onco mentioned she might have "subtle, temporary diminished mental acuity" during treatment, but he compared that to taking longer to finish a crossword puzzle.

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I didn't have any experience with what you describe, but whne my husband had WBR, he was so exhausted that he really had a hard time concentrating and focusing on anything. I'd ask questions, and he looked glazed over and wouldn't respond. I'd ask again and he'd say he heard and understood, but just didn't have the energy to really want to talk or hold a discussion. The WBR caused terrible fatigue which can cause some of the things you talked about.

But I am a big fan of being safe rather than sorry.

I too would say take your mom to the ER, or talk to her onc about it. Luckily we have had no negative side effects of WBR and used no steroids, but there are many others who have had different experiences and may recognize something in your mom that I do not.

Prayers being said for her.

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