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OK -- so, for the many people who believe that sugar feeds cancer, I have a question! I know that Yogurt is a very good thing -- however, it has so much sugar!!! (How much sugar is TOO MUCH sugar?) Are we "supposed" to be eating just plain yogurt? Even that has sugar. As does milk, soy milk, etc.

Avoiding candy, ice cream and sweets in general is obvious, and I get the concept of eating whole grains as opposed to refined white flour products, but what about the sugars in milk, soy milk and yogurt? This is what starts to trip me up....

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The body NEEDs sugar to function, just possibly avoid refined sugar. Soy has been shown to have some anti-cancer properties.

Look at a can of ensure. The 2nd ingredient is sucrose.

I believe the body attempts to maintain a constant blood sugar level. When carbs are eating the pancreas releases insulin to get the blood sugar level down. If the blood sugar level is too low then gycogen is released.

I think the main thing people say is to avoid refined sugar. Remember even fruit and vegatables have sugars in them.

yogurt and other products aren't REFINED "white" sugar so I would think these things are ok.

The basic cause of cancer is a series of genetic mutations. Yes the cells may have a higher metabolic rate, but I am not sure reducing white sugar will kill the cells. It is healthier to eat less white sugar though.

Once the final mutation takes place the cancer cells become "immortal". Normal cells go through a cycle and eventually die a normal death. Cancer cells don't die on their own like normal cells.

stem cells I believe don't die either.

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