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spiculated nodule


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Define (Spiculated Nodule) please? Is that what your doctor told you it was? Could he or the report be saying they think it MAY BE OR MAY NOT BE a nodule. They may be questioning what it is. Could that be?

I think this nodule issue is taking over your thinking pattern, am I right? SLOW DOWN and take a deep breath. I think you may need to talk to your doctor and get a clear picture from him/her. You need some peace of mind.

Did you get a chance to read over the posts about all of us who have nodules? We'll get you through this, but you need to take a step backwards first and get a clear picture of this from your doctor, so you don't drive yourself crazy over it. I know how easy it is to do that. :roll::wink:

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Hi spiculated means irregular jagged edge,as opposed to smooth one...in all i ahve read it is better for it to be smooth...i am getting info right from report which i have copy of...i know iam really freaked out worrying about hubby and me lol thanks Deb

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I think if it is spiculated it is more likely malignant, but as connie said there are always exceptions.

Radiographic risk factors

The appearance of the edge of a solitary pulmonary nodule on a radiograph correlates strongly with the probability of cancer. Smooth-edged nodules are more likely benign; ragged-edged ones are more often malignant. Only 20% of nodules with smooth, sharp, and circular margins are malignant (2). About 33% of solitary pulmonary nodules with smooth but lobulated margins are malignant, as are 83% of those with edges having one or more spiculations. Finally, up to 93% of nodules that have edges with multiple spiculations or corona radiata are malignant (2). However, spiculated edges are not diagnostic of malignancy and can be seen in benign inflammatory nodules, especially if found in the location of a previous pneumonia on imaging studies.

http://www.postgradmed.com/issues/2003/ ... llivan.htm


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I had been reading about it but it seemed like all spiculated were bad, I feel so much better that there is a chance that maybe it is not. My hubby has 6mm spiculated nodules versus interstitial markings on screening ct scan.I think that right there says they are not positive thier is even a nodule there,but when they nurse called she sais there was, however the report says verses markings so i dont know. Dont think radiologists likes to be pinned down..lo l or they are REALLY not sure.He did have pnemonia about ten years, but he is 42 and has smoked for 27 years.....going to see pulmonary guy next week thanks DEB

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