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cancer diet????


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I've heard from several sources that there is a strong belief that eating a certain way (or focusing on certain foods and avoiding others) might have an effect on cancer. Does anyone have any thought, opinions or suggestions on this?

Thanks for your help


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Hi Sandra,

There is a lot of debate as to whether a strict diet based on all natural foods can impact prognosis once someone had been diagnosed with cancer. There is alot of information on the web on this topic. Patrick Quillan has a popular book entitled "Beating Cancer through Nutrition".

One of our members (Hebbie) has had good fortuines lately and in part credits her "Macrobiotic" diet.

I think the experts agree that diet can assist in the prevention of cancer, they vary in their beliefs about how (or if) it effects outcome once diagnosed.

My Oncologist & I agree on the fact that it certainly couldn't hurt to be eating right and exercising. It is something everyone should do regardless of their circumstances. Additionally it can improve quality of life even if it doesnt reverse cancer.

There is much more about this topic in the alternative treatment forum.

Take Care, Joe

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We tried different alternative idea's such as the cottage cheese and flax seed oil and eating as healthy as possible. Our onocologist told us that people's chemistry make up made a major difference in how well people responded to Chemo and different food's in general. All i can say is none of it worked for my wife un less you consider that she survived SCLC for 22 month's and the nurses and Doctor all agreed it was her attitude that played a major role in her surviving as long as she did.So i guess one must try what ever they feel will work as that is better than not trying at all.....

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