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Any word in Connie B. Yet?


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Hi All.....

Sorry for not posting sooner, I think Donna G was posting too. Connie's surgery did not go as planned. The drs could not remove the lung tumor safely from the chest area due to the fact that it is on the back sife of the lung. Because of the blood thinners that Connie was on they decided not to remove the atrium tumor either due the the risk of bleeding. SOOOO. in 8-10 weeks Connie will have surgery to remove the atrium tumor and then 8-10 weeks after that she will under go the lung tumor surgery. Connie's hubby has kept the explanation easy to understand :) Donna G is an RN and was there yesterday and will have a more detailed explantion than this one from Maurie. Poor Connie, my heart aches for her and I pray that she recovers quickly from yesterday's "surgery".

I know she appreciates ALL of the love & support from all of us! Still keep saying many prayers!

Hugs & Prayers!


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