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My name is Del

Ilive near the Kansas City Area. I was dz with sclc in both lungs after an x ray and ct scan, showed 2 different tumors 1 in each lung and not connected to each other.

Jan 17/06 I had surgery on left lung Tumor was removed. I am now having chemo to kill any remaining cells in the left and shrink the rt. before next surgery.

Chemo has not made me sick but fatigue is really a problem. Any advice on dealing with it?

The rt. tumor measures 1cm. I have read on the internet about Vats surgery A DR. does at ciders-Sinai hospital in Calf.

I would like to hear from anyone who had this type surgery, or might know of a qualified Dr. in the Mid West that does the Vats Surgery.

Thanks for listening to me Del

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Hi Del,

I just wanted to welcome you. It sounds like they caught the tumors early in order for you to have surgery. I don't think they usually do surgery on SCLC. That is good news. As for the fatigue, you are lucky that's all you have. My dad has SCLC and never felt sick but he remained active. Sorry, I don't have any advice on VATS surgery.



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Welcome. Boy your Dr really treats SCLC differently, doing surgery. Also even if it was NSCLC,if it is in bothe lungs they usually always start with chemo first. Keep us posted. Donna G

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Dept oF surgery NYU On VATS.


Cinncinati Hospital Is a start for vats.

http://www.universityhospitalcincinnati ... Jan05.html

These are a couple of leads for starters on Vats. Anything I can do for research Drop an Email in my box

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Hello Del ~

I don't have any info on VATS, but I can empathize with your fatigue issue.

I just finished my 4th of 8 chemo treatments and the fatigue is whipping my butt! Prior to chemo, I was running at full steam from 6 am to 11pm each day - working, parenting, doing domestic goddess stuff and many volunteer and arts/craft activities. Now I am not working, the dust bunnies have become residents in our home and I have put my volunteer activities on the back burner for awhile. Basically, I am parenting, keeping the house somewhat tidy, grocery shopping and cooking, doing laundry, reading, some arts/crafts and BECOMING A CANCER SURVIVOR!!

I used to beat myself up pretty bad about being sooooooooo tired, but I was wasting alot of precious energy doing that. Now I have learned to plan my activities for the time when I feel good. I also have learned not to over-do it on my good days. If I over do stuff, then I am wiped out the next day. I still get a bit frustrated about it - my thought is that if I am tired and I rest, then why am I tired??? But I realize that there is a war going on in my body - the cancer cells are battling the chemo and this war is just very tiring to the battleground - my body.

I have learned to schedule my naps when I need them and my friends and family now understand that this is a necessary and important part of my survivorship. I've also had to reprioritize (is this a word?) my responsibilities so that I can utilize my energy in activities that are important to me, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Between the surgery and the chemo, your body is going to be tired. My best advice is to listen to your body and rest when your body says "I am tired". Naps and good, restful sleep are so very, very important.

And this is coming from a woman who didn't use the word "nap" in her vocabulary four months ago.


All the best,

Pam in FL

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