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Getting to Know You - March 30


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Today's question falls in line with yesterday's question about disappointments. This is also courtesy of Oprah.

Pick an area of your life where you're "licking your wounds" and think of two ways you can move forward again?

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I suppose I'll jump in on this one.

As most of you know, I have been having massive problems in dealing with my boss. I have worked all of my life and have always had a work situation that was a good one. This job is unbearable but the $$$ is good, so I stay. Had Dennis been alive, I would have been gone long ago. Now, I have this new feeling that is all about being dependable and frugal, as I am supporting myself and my challenged son that lives with me. I'm just afraid to take the plunge and give up the security that this patcheck offers.

Now...how to deal with this.

Easy to say...

1. I need to stop being afraid and update my resume.

2. I need to fax my resume to everyone that will read it and be firm in my salary request. I tend to always be one that will negotiate, even at my own expense.

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Ok, Ann, I will jump in too.

Since I moved into my new (for me) townhouse almost a year ago, I have been spending money like a drunken sailor. New granite counters, tile backsplash, carpets, furniture, out for dinner 3/4 times a week etc, etc, etc.

Since I do NOT want to live with any of my children in my old age (that is 60 years from now), I must learn to be more frugal.

But I must confess, I just sent in the plans to have my deck replaced and screened in to the landscape committee. But, this is the last thing I will do until the fall when I want the front relandscaped. Then that will be it ........ heard this before????

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