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what do they look for on a CT scan to determine "operab


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Hello Friends,

In reading Cheryl's post yesterday with her good news about her CT scan and upcoming surgery, I have a question. My father will finish his last round of chemo this Thursday. Onc wants to wait 3 weeks before CT scan. He says this gives chemo time to keep working. What do we want this CT scan to say that determines that he is operable? His tumor was 2cm on upper right lobe and he had one lymph node affected in mediastinum which made him IIIa. This was found on PET and needle biopsy for tumor and separate biopsy of node. Oncologist wanted it taken out, it was the surgeon who said that people are doing better with adjuviant chemo first so thats what they did. So, what am I praying for? That its all gone? That it shrunk? That its stable?

Thanks for any input!

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My team has told me that we are looking for the lung tumor to have had noticeable shrunkage. (My lymph node tumors are too small to show up on CT scans.) The idea is that if it has shrunk, the chemo most likely took care of micrscopic mets elsewhere in my body. They don't want to put me through the surgery unless they feel reasonably sure that the cancer is contained, and that's the best way they have now to tell that.


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