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Timeline on growth?


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Hi all,

Does anyone know what the timeline is on growth for a slow growing cancer like bac or whatever its called LOL I think if we could get some statistics on a timeline for growth of even the slowest growing cancer it would put alot of peoples minds at ease myself included. well if anyone has any info I would much appreciateit.

Good luck all and God Bless

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Hi Laurene,

Well I have Bronchioloalveolar Carcinoma (BAC)

and it now has been 47 months since diagnoses. Did not even start chemo until 7 months after I was diagnosed. I was at Stage IV when it was found so being very slow in developing I would say off hand I had it for yours. My own doctor told me and I agree that even at Stage IV I'm very lucky because it is BAC, very slow in developing and may or may not always metastasize outside the lungs. Even with BAC after 47 months I still have a life, it is very doable. Of course everyone is different. As long as they are watching one closely and no signs of any problems I would just get on with things and push it to the back of my head. To quote Don Wood "Don't borrow trouble". Hope this helps.


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Most Non Small Cell Lung Cancer, be it BAC, or Adeno, or Large Cell, etc. can be growing for 10 to 15 years before they become large enough to detect. I had a Chest X-ray every year for about 5 years before my mass showed up on it. This is not uncommon.

I can't stress enough that you don't want to have them removed that, (not that they would) but, trust me when I say, it's not a fun surgery to go through. But they don't removed nodules on a person who does not have cancer or hasn't had cancer.

Your worried mind is getting the best of you. Your nodule could just be an infection, or scar tissue and it may very well go away on your next CT scan.

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mom had a spot of BAC show up in the summer of 2002, which never grew. it was too far in to biopsy without cracking her chest open, so we watched it - the SUV went up and down a bit on her PETs, but it never actually got bigger. another tumor, however, showed up in May of 2005 which was biopsiable (is that a word!?) and turned out to be the same NSCLC-BAC she'd had in 2000. after her pneumonectomy, both tumors were found to be cancerous, along with a handful of lymph nodes.

so that's a long way of saying that it grows slowly.

good luck,



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