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Update on Schmaydee

Schmaydee's friend

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I am so sorry. He was much to young. What a shock. His last post about 10 days prior and he had NED only a month prior. My prayers are offered for his family and friends during this most difficult time.

Donna G

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I had to explain to my Dad, how anxiety and heart troubles led to Schmaydees demise, though his friend had explained it better than I could. The post is gone.

I didn't tell my Dad of Schmaydees or Uncle Dougs demise, my Dad stopped visiting this site when David C. succumbed. We now are threatened by a recurrence to his adrenal gland and he has a renewed interest in this website. He's looking around.

It would be helpful if threads stay intact. Move them or whatever, but please don't delete pertinent content. Thanks in advance!

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Thanks Katie for that link. I'll pass it on to my Dad. Why was it removed and/or redirected? I'm a webmaster myself, was it because of bandwidth? You can PM me, certainly don't want to make this a board issue.

Thanks again for all you do!

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