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Boston Walk/run


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We've been rejected!!!

Our permit application was turned down, no explanation in the letter but Rich had already spoken to the lady that we dealt with and she told him that it had nothing to do with the cause, "they didn't want outsiders [non-residents I presume] using the park area".

So we're SOL for a real nice site and have decided to look elsewhere instead of trying to change their minds with a local person involvement.

Everyone on the committee lives in the Boston area except me - maybe they'd all like to come here and walk! - so hopefully we'll have no more non-local issues in one of their towns.

Soooo, we're back to the drawing board but will hopefully resolve that real soon. Rich has been like a little terrier on this permit request, Lungevity and that MA town sure know his name.......thanks Rich, we're so glad you're on board with this walk.

Will let you know how we fare with the next move.


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I can hear your disappointment.

I guess for whatever reason this site is not meant to be. There will be another waiting for you that will be more productive, I just know it.

This is the year that the wave of lc awareness, prevention, early detection, and cure is gaining huge momentum. I know that your walk is a part of this ferver that will serve us all.

Thank you all Team MA, for all of your efforts!

Cindi o'h

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