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What Should My Next Career Be?


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You know, I have been self-employed for many years now and most of my successes have been self-taught skills. I've been out of work now for just a tad over a year with the way things are and am considering a new career turn.....in the meantime, I am watching and learning about what new I might get into when I can return to work, based on wisdom from this particular LC experience. Your input would be appreciated as food for thought (and it must lead to something that will actually potentially pay the rent and then some).

Here's my experiential observations, based on the most exasperating times I've had so far:

1. Transportation company to/from patients' residence to treatment centers and doctor appointments in the local community -- would include various accomodation to mobility issues. (really hard to do scheduling-wise as a patient and family)

2. Patient advocate for dealing with billing issues between the medical community and insurance companies. (is this a maze or what? totally frustrating if you can decipher the bill at all)

3. Snack cart service at the local cancer center to provide nourishing food & beverage selections for patients at the treatment center -- range of nutritional needs accomodated, including swallowing side effects issues, etc. (sorry, the soups, juices, and crackers at ours ain't working when you're there for 7 hours).

Any other thoughts?


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I think #2 would be a GREAT help to patients.

My mom went to Cancer TReatment Centers of America and they had a mobile snack cart full of fresh fruit, etc. for patients. It was free, though.

CTCA also provided transportation to and from the hospital.

Of course, in my experience with my mom and lately with neighbors around me, I have found there is a real need for caregiving-type people. Two of my neighbors recently fell and their daughters said they need someone to help with laundry, gardening, household duties, shopping etc. I swear if I had the time I would do this in a heartbeat. There are actually also a lot of "adult daycare" facilities popping up around here, too.

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