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New here and praying for a miracle


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Hello everyone. I am fairly new to the board, been lurking a bit but this is my first post.

My step-mom was dx with LC this summer. She is 46. After months of recurring bronchitis a trip to the ER for severe pain finally saw what the dr missed - a 9 x 7 cm mass in her lt lung. That was 6 weeks ago, since then the tests have shown that she is in stage IV, has a 2nd mass on Hillium (not sure of spelling or what that is yet), enlarged heart, met to her lymph nodes and adrenal gland. We were told this info at her appt with "The Dr" to see at Sloan NYC 2 weeks ago. His opinion was that she was inoperable and incurable, there was no hope. He offered a timeline but she as well as I did not want it as this seems to be a morbid defeating discussion. Meds were uped to morphine and chemo for pain mgmt for "the rest of her life" was to start this past Wednesday. The day before they cancelled the chemo and resched for probably next week bc they had not had a chance to evaluate new blood results. In the last two weeks she has gone from a woman in extreme pain to unmanageable pain. She has had 6 Blackout episodes where she simply is fine one moment and the next on the floor. She can not sit or lay for any period of time due the pain. The last few days both of her ankles and legs have swollen to 3x their size.

After HOURS of waiting for a callback from onc at sloan we brought her to the er last night. We are now awaiting results of brain and bone scans.

I am sorry for my rambling, my thoughts have been a mess for a month now. I guess I am looking for guidance. I can not believe there is no point in trying treatment - And I do not know what to expect from here.

I would definately stand by a decision of pallitive care if that was the best choice but Im not sure that it is. I feel the DR saw alot of progression and didnt think it would help.

While this is my step-mom she is really like a mother/sister to me. SHe was much younger than my dad when they married her 18 me 7. My mom passed when I was 16. In a way we grew up together. This is now the woman that is the young and fun grandma in my childrens life. She can get down on the floor and play, run for hours etc. Or at least she used to be able to. My kids are so confused.

Im SOO sorry Im babbling again. Thank you for your time as I know that everyone here has a situation of their own that they are working with.

God Bless.

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I am so sorry that your Step Mother has been dealt with in such a way. This is heartbreaking. If it is at all possible please find another place for her to go, where she will be treated with the respect and concern she deserves as a human being.

I have a new Oncologist who worked at a very large cancer center in California for over ten years. She told me that if the docs determine that we are not a candidate for a clinical trial then they quickly lose interest in us.

We're not lab rats, we're human beings.

Hopefully someone here can give you info on another choice.

Best Wishes,

Fay A.

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Welcome to the board, as unfortunate as that may be you have definately found the right place for knowledge, guidance and support.

If you are unhappy with your doctors opinions by all means get a second opinion. I have met people on this site who were also told they were unoperable but after seeking another opinion found they were. My dad was also told the same by the first oncologist, however, his second advised that there may be a slim chance of it and after treatment is done he will send the reports to a thoracic surgeon to get his opinion on it.

Dont give up hope...the numbers may be slim, but I like to think that someone has to be in the positive numbers so why not our loved ones.


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