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Tarceva and a media opportunity


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As you may know, I just got home from a trip to New York. It was a press conference presented by Genentech, the maker of Tarceva. I just received a request from one of the directors. She asked if I knew any other survivors currently taking Tarceva. I told her about this site and she wanted me to ask if any of you that are currently taking Tarceva would be interested in being contacted by the media in your area. I told her I would let you know. If this is something you are interested in, you can pm me or e-mail me and I will forward it to her.

I know that my trip was an opportunity to bring awareness to a number of journalists from various magazines.



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Here is the note about the media opportunities.

I wanted to get your thoughts on whether you feel like any of these folks would be interested in working with us in their local areas to possibly do media outreach (of course provided their physician would be willing to speak along with them.

If you are doing well on Tarceva this could be an opportunity to spread the word to others who may not know about the drug. I realize this is also a great benefit to the drug company but I keep thinking of where I might be without them. Needless to say, an opportunity to promote awareness in your area about lung cancer.

No pressure---just wanted to let you know this opportunity exists.



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Genetech sponsored the Hall of Fame awared that Rick and I received in Dallas. I will contact them to see if this is still available and let you guys know what their reply is.

Here is info to their access to care program for people whos insurance doesn't pay for Tarceva, or who are uninsured.

Genentech Access to Care Foundation

1 DNA Way MS #13A

South San Francisco, CA 94080

(800) 530-3083

FAX: (650) 225-1366

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