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Listen to This Miracle!


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My dad is part of a study at Mayo clinic where they are looking into the emotional support a clinic gives for cancer patients. The study has a large number, but in dad's group there is only he with lung cancer and another man with prostrate cancer.

Well...the other man had been told there was nothing else they could do....It had metasticized to his bones, and was basically out of control. Would he like to be part of a trial medication? He said yes...in his study they gave some men a placebo and some men a new drug. After two rounds of the new chemo drug, he went for a scan...NO DISEASE! Can you believe it!? He is certain that he was not a placebo man, but rather a drugged man!!! Amazing story!

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That is amazing. I totally believe that you have to treat the whole person. It is unfortunate that most Drs. we have dealt with just deal with the medical issues. I guess that's where the family comes in, but it is promising to see actual studies going on AND I am so very happy your dad is involved! Thanks for sharing...

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