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cyberknife versus novalis


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Now I am faced with another dilemma. My doctors want to perform radio surgery using the Novalis system. This does require the halo.

If I were to go elsewhere, it's possible I could have the sme care using the cyber knife and not requiring the halo. This elsewhere would be at least 3 hours from home.

I do like and have confidence in my doctors here.So should I go with their recommendations? The neurosurgeon said that they are beginning the no halo approach (although I am not sure if it's new equipment), but that my <1mm mets are not a candidate.

I'm leaning towards staying where I am - just because I have a team of doctors, all of whom have been really good. The only thing I hate about the halo is the initial shots of anesthesia. There is no pain after that.

Have any of you had to make a similar decision?



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Hi Mary:

I viewed some posts at the cyberknife ask the docs website. They all say the cyberknife is more accurate. One of them says that the accuracy of novalis is 2 mm or worse. Then I browsed some more, and found a site at Moffit that says Novalis can have a submillimeter accuracy. That must be with the halo attached. Cyberknife has a submillimter accuracy. I guess the main difference is that a slight movement won't make a difference in cyberknife, because the robotics can track the movement. With Novalis, immobility is critical. Given that the 2 methods probabaly have similar results as long as you remain immobilized, you might as well go with the docs you know and trust.

I am not sure if a cyberknife surgeon would go after a met as smal 1 mm. I am surprised that they would use Novalis on mets that small, but I guess if they can see them, they can zap them.

Another thing for you to consider is that the docs you are with now are ready to go and you can get rid of the mets with out further ado and doctor shopping.

I should tell you though, that I would do cyberknife. But, I know the docs there.

Happy met hunting

Don M

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Thanks Don,

I think I am going with the doctors that I know. Just getting the game started elsewhere - meeting and doing whatever test they give. Then arranging for treatment, where to stay etc.

My doc can schedule me for 7/13 and they think getting the 1mm is the best strategy because the smaller the tumor the higher percentage of success.

I met today with my thoracix onc, the neurosurgeon and the (new)radiologist onc. All agreed and I do like all of them. In fact the new radiologist I like better than the last one - and I really liked the last one. He apparently was with Moffitt, left and is now back, Everyone seems to be glad he has returned.

But I appreciate your input.


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