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  1. Thanks for all the replies---I ended up going to work, and though it was tough, I made it through. I have four days off now---which will be a good time to relax, have fun, and remember how much of a wonderful man my dad was. I suppose, however, I might be in my best interest to not go to work on the anniversary of his death...January 5. We'll see...one step at a time. I am so glad that he was this much of an inspiration to some of you...the fact that he has been such sort of makes it so that he's not really gone.
  2. Hi all. I see that my mom, sister, and sister in law...and perhaps a few others have posted things about my dad, Don M, who passed away last January. Apparently I have created my own account, but I can't, for the life of me, remember my username, nor my password, so I hope it's okay that I'm using my dad's account. I really felt the need to post on here today---September 3rd, because today my Dad would have been 65 years old. My name is Sarah, and I am the youngest daughter of Don. It brings me great joy to read how much everyone loved my Dad on this site. I know it certainly helped my father through his journey with lung cancer...and as I've learned, he helped many of you, too. Today I am debating whether or not I should go to work. I've already wept sufficiently this morning...and yet, I know my Dad would have told me that I should go to work. I'd much rather stay home and grieve---yet also celebrate my Dad's life. He was a great man and a wonderful father. I'm sure that those of you who knew him would agree.
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    Lily: She has my prayers and bless and your friends in your life of service. Don M
  4. Don M

    5 years

    It was 5 years ago on halloween that I found out about my lung mass. The day before this last halloween, i found out that my doctors are recommending hospice as a result of my last scan. I am inclined to agree with them. Don M
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    Anyway connie, being cranky is a lot better than slipping into depression. I hope your aunt gets on a good track soon and I hope your scan is good. Don M
  6. Hi T. I am sorry you all have to deal with lc now. One good thing is that sclc responds well to chemo outside the blood brain barrier.. Hopefully radiation will take care of the brain mets. Welcome to lchelp. Don M
  7. Don M

    So FAST!

    Please accept my condolences for your loss. It sounds like your dad was lighthearted at the end...which is cool. Don M
  8. Lillee, I hope your dad has a peaceful death and that you can be there to say goodbye. Don M
  9. Welcome Liz. It sounds like your partner is responding well to treatment. Don M
  10. Welcome Lisa. As soon as you start chemo, things will be more routine for you and less scary. chemo these days is very doable. the fact that you have had the surgery means you have a good chance for a cure. Don M
  11. Welcome: the chemo nurses had me soak my fingers in ice water when i did taxotere. they said it would slow the blood flow there and reduce the chances for nail changes. Don M
  12. Welcome Wattle. Since there is no spread to any other area of your mom's body, I think she may still have a shot at long term survival. They may want to do Prophylactic Cranial Irradiation (PCI) on her brain when she is done with cyberknife (CK). It is a low dose treatment that is used to kill off any mets that cannot be seen. One can still do ck after PCI if another met shows up. Don M
  13. Hi Chrissy. Once your mom is done with chemo, she may be able to have cyberknife (ck) so as to shrink the big tumor away from the aorta. If you live in the USA there are many facilities that have ck equipment. http://www.cyberknifesupport.org/forum/ I guess the way I cope is to focus on the next step and not to wrap myself up in a doctor’s prognosis. I guess your mom will just have to sort out her feelings about having cancer and how it will affect you. Maybe you both could talk about it from time to time…that is what I do with my wife and adult children… but mostly I just focus on the day at hand. Don M
  14. Linda I am glad your mom is doing well and I hope your aunt does as well as your mom. At least the 3 of you together should be able too support one another a lot. I must have tried to quit smoking 10 times or more before i finally did on my 40th birthday in 1984. I think turning 40 was what helped me make up my mind to quit. Don M
  15. Don M

    Thank you

    Hi shrimp. It is good that you and your family members get together and support one another in the grieving process. I am sure that other people may isolate themselves. I don't post as much as I used to either. It has been almost 5 years for me and I am still dealing with my cancer. Sometimes I just don't feel like posting much, but I at least scan the posts since last visit. Don M
  16. Hi Jim...it sounds like you are headed for a cure. Welcome to the group. Don M
  17. Denise; I think it might be pneumonitis too. It can come and go. I have had it for over a year. maybe Tom should see a pulmonlogist. Don M
  18. Hi Dessertthorn. Did you have the results of the scan read to you? Usually a pulmonolgist gets involved if a bronchosopy is going to be done. They will probably try to get a tissue sample to see if whatever they found on the scan is malignant or not. I used to go to Seattle for treatment when I was getting radiation treatment. I also got second opinions there from Dr. West at the Swedish Cancer Institute. I always got same day results for the scans I had there. If you can do it, you should go to Swedish Cancer Institute with your scan and things should go a lot faster for you. Don M
  19. Welcome Tammy. I t must be about time for another scan, eh? I had to stop after 4 rounds of my last chemo because of breathing problems but the oncologist said I got most of the benefit. You might want to investigate cyberknife surgery. If you husband just has the one residual cancer and no other spots and it is not too big, they can finish it off with cyberknife. It would not be considered a cure because the lymphatic system has been breached with the original disease, but NED could be attained. The side effects are minimal. You can have cyberknife after radiation. http://www.cyberknifesupport.org/forum/ Don M
  20. welcome truematch; I know nothing about the sodium issue. You could ask our expert Dr West. http://cancergrace.org/lung/ I hope they can figure the sodium problem out don M
  21. Welcome Gaye. I guess I have beaten the odds too. Except for 2 short periods of no evidence of disease (NED) after my 2 surgeries, I have had cancer almost 5 years now. The doctors don't really know for sure how long any one person will survive with this disease or beat it. Your sister has a chance for years of survival and that means hope for now. There may come a time when it is time for hospice but just let that time come in its own season if that is what will be. Don M
  22. Welcome April. I hope your mom soon gets some shrinkage. maybe she could see a pain specialist in the meantime. Another reason to keep the kids form you mom is so that your mom won't be exposed to germs. Don M
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