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Can aspirin Cure Cancer?! Maybe says nigerian and British Dr

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Does an aspirin a day really keep the doctor away (2)

Saturday, July 15, 2006 Fashion Flair

Remi Diagbare

LAST week, I began this series on the use of Aspirin as a daily drug to protect against blood clot.

A lot of Nigerians are on Aspin because it is believed that it thins the blood especially at night when the user is at sleep. It is said to help prevent thrombosis as well. I interviewed Dr. Abraham Udoudou of the Critical Rescue International, a medical Center located in the Victoria Garden City. His response was quite enlightening, however, that interview will be published next week.

For today, I have published below more findings on the use of Aspirin.

It was found that those who had taken aspirin three or more times a week for at least six months were “substantially” less likely to develop cancer.

The risk of developing any type of the disease was cut by a third, while the risk of non-small cell lung cancer - which accounts for about three quarters of cases - was reduced by more than half.

Further research is examining whether aspirin can help reduce the risk of bowel cancer and there is already some evidence it could protect against oesophageal cancer.


Dr Arslan Akhmedkhanov, who led the study at New York University’s School of Medicine, aid: “Not smoking is by far the best way to void lung cancer, but our study suggests that gular aspirin use could also confer some degree of protection against the disease.

He said further research was needed to onfirm the study’s findings.

JProfessor Gordon McVie, director general of Cancer Research UK, which owns the British Journal of Cancer, said: “Aspirin is a remarkable drug with a wide range of health benefits, and this is the latest evidence to suggest that It could become a useful weapon against cancer.

“But as much as these results are encouraging, people shouldn’t fool themselves into thinking that taking aspirin somehow counteracts the dangers of smoking. “Everything else pales into insignificance

compared with the lethal effects of tobacco.”

Getting the message across

A second study, published in the British journal of cancer, predicts UK death rates from lung cancer in under 75s will fall by 2o% in men and 8% in women in over the next five years. Deaths in under 55s are set to fall more shapely -by 26% in men and 15% in women because of drops in the numbers of smoking.

Stroke warning on aspirin therapy

Stroke survivors who stop taking their daily dose of aspirin tipple the risk of another stroke within a month, research suggests.

Aspirin has been shown to cut the risk of recurrent stroke by 25%. But Swiss research suggests the protective effect is rapidly lost when aspirin is no longer taken.

If confirmed, the findings may prompt rethink of the current advice that patient stop taking aspirin in the days before undergoing minor surgery each year in England and wales, more than 130,000 people have a stroke and, of these, more than 53,000 are recurrent strokes.

Drug stops aspirin heart benefit

Taking ibuprofen counteracts the benefits of taking aspirin to prevent heart disease, increasing the risk of fatal illness, researchers have found..

Researchers from the university of Dundee have found those taking both aspirin and ibuprofen have a 75% increased risk of dying from cardiovascular disease compared to those just taking aspirin. They also had a doubling of risk of dying from any cause, the study published in the lancet found.

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There was an article in Time about inflamation and cancer.

I think aspirin can thin the blood and reduce inflamation so maybe there is something to this?

Also giving low weight molecular herapin is supposed to increase survival time (it is a blood thinner)

If you google LWMH cancer dvt you can find articles

also I think if you google inflamation cancer

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RAndy...i have been taking an aspirin a day for years...but


Never the less great news and certainly hope there is some truth to that...wouldn't that be wonderful....

Fun on chat last night...we (the ladies) weren't so tuff on you..but that's because Debi wasn't there...:-)

Take care...PamS.

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