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Dana Farber or Sloan Kettering


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Hi, My husband has just been diganosed with lung cancer. The thoracic surgeon recommended by the hospital has a disaplinary action against him by the state for cocaine use. Great huh? We are pretty sure we will go to either Dana Farber in Boston, MA or Sloan-Kettering in NYC. We live about 1/2 way between each. I cannot seem to find out if either specializes in lung cancer. I have researched all the sites, but they are all cancer related not specifically lung cancer. We are more antsy than usual because his brother died 2 years ago after an operation for lung cancer. It seems his doctor did not stitch up an artery correctly. It blew in recovery room. By the time he got back in the operating room, he lost so much blood he went into a coma. Was taken off life support 5 days later. It seems like the same thing is happening to us. We will go anywhere he can get the best care.

Please make any suggestions. My head is spinning. I just do not know where to turn.

Thanks in advance.


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There is no hospital or clinic that only treats lung cancer. However, you two choices are both very good. It's not always the hospital you need to be concerned about but rather the surgeon would be who I would want to know how good he is.

Someone here might be able to help you with picking a surgeon at either facility. Good luck.

Private Sector Hospitals can and are just as good as the Sloan and Dana Farber. There's good and bad in everything, even hospitals and doctor's. :roll::wink: Best wishes.

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Hi Pat,

I live in the Boston area and am being treated at Massachusetts General Hospital. I could have gone anywhere but after meeting the team of docs there I knew there was no place else I wanted to be treated. The Thoracic Cancer Center at MGH is absolutely outstanding. My surgeon was Dean Donohue, whom I would highly recommend, and I have also heard great things about John Wain. The link is

http://www.mgh.harvard.edu/cancer/care/ ... /index.asp

Hope this helps. Good luck.


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Well, my niece, Tracy, beat me to the punch with accolades for Mass General. My surgeon at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Md has immense confidence in Mass General and the team of docs there.That would be my suggestion.

Sorry to hear that you are in need of our supprt, BUT be sure to stay with us for the assistance you will need in traveling this rocky road.


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