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Neighbour passed


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My neighbour RoseMary and I have been comparing notes about the illness and it's effects. Both her husband and my Dad were diagnosed within a week of each other in Feburary. It wasn't a score card or anything, just comparision of effects and trading our worries and wondering of what is to come.

Her husband was ravaged by the lung cancer and it went to his brain within a few months. He passed away yesterday, four months after his diagnosis. I told her once before I feel like lying about my Dad's good outcome so far to the radiation etc. She laughed at me! I still feel the same way ... 10 fold now today...

I am grateful my Dad hasn't had too hard of a time with this and really hasn't progressed and become more ill. Just feel guilty since RoseMary has no one now, no family and 3 step children all plane rides away from her. It makes reality stand out more and more .........


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