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Mystery Malady still a mystery


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Been waiting for some news before posting but we're still up in the air. Then Cindi O'h shamed me into posting by sending me a pm. So I'm copying (most of)my answer to her here:

I've been waiting until it gets cleared up but so far it's still up in the air! But he doesn't have pneumonia, doesn't have any discernable intestinal/abdominable problems and, per yesterday, the echocardiagram showed no sign of heart infection (thank god). Which leaves us with .....what?

Well, it may be our original idea, a virus that is just taking forever to wend its way out of Len's system, what with the old immune system problems, etc., etc.

The doctor has seen three other people with the same strange syndrome and no real cause. She's waiting, in Len's case, to talk to the oncologist who, of course, is on vacation (certainly well deserved, I might add). So maybe he'll have an idea when he comes back.

If not, maybe we could put this into the medical mystery section on the Sunday New York TIMes magazine...

The fever isn't quite as high as it was. Doesn't seem to go much above 99 now and at night he's been able to get some sleep between 11 and 3 or 4 before waking up with the cold sweats. He then typically has a couple of bouts between 3/4 and getting up around 7 but at least he falls asleep in between. S till, he's exhausted from it all and feeling pretty punk.

So anyway, that's our sad story so far.

I know I should be relieved but I'd really like to know what it is, not just what it isn't!


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I cannot tell you how many times I said that about my own mysterious malady... Your last sentence.. "what is it; not what isn't it"???

The answers I got were brief... "We may never know." That was difficult for me to accept.

I hope that if you and Len have the same response as I did that you will have an easier time moving forward and put the whole thing out of your minds.

In any event, his lowered fever sounds like he is coming out of "it".

Cindi o'h

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