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No Nodules???


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We have posted about nodules and watching nodules. I was just wondering, is it possible that you do not get nodules to show up on your scans after surgery? I mean can you just have a clean and clear scans without ever having nodules show up?

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The Answer is: Yes and Yes!

I went for 7 years never having a nodule or having one show up. :wink:

I know others that don't have nodules either and they too are long term LC survivors. Remember nodules are NOT always cancerous or cancer.

I would venture to say, that majority of people have nodules somewhere in there bodies and of course in the lung or lungs not necessarily being cancer related. My Grandson has nodules in his brain and the Mayo Clinic assured us over and over that's very common and nothing to worry about. They said it was part of his DNA. Like any nodule it need to be watch. In my Grandson's case he has MANY nodules they said and that's why they want him watched and have Brain MRI's every 5 years. And there a lot more to this story with my Grandson, but I just wanted to give you an overall of nodules. :wink:

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