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MelindaSue 37

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Has anyone heard from Melinda (or have I missed a post?) I think about and pray for her and her mom every day. Reading her last posting brought so many memories rushing back to me. Melinda, may God give all of you peace.

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THis was the post from Aug 18. Not sure if you saw it but it is latest I could find for you. Hope all is well with you .

Melinda writes th following post aug 18 2006

Our appointment with the doctor brought this devastating news. When the doctor came in he sat down and began to review all the options we've tried the last 22 months. He then told my Mom the cancer is in both lungs and is taking over and that her body couldn't handle the side effects of any other chemo. He also told her that he guessed it would be in less than one short month.

I'll never, ever forget the look on her face when he told us this. His only suggestion was to call in hospice to make her comfortable.

We called them yesterday and they delivered a bed which we set up in the living room and other equipment to make things easier on her.

Just in the last few days there has been a drastic change. Her body is shutting down but yet her mind refuses to give up. She has always had the gift of gab and just never stops talking. Now, she is so lost in her thoughts. She shakes her head alot and says out loud "What are we going to do now?"

How do you talk about death when she refuses to accept it? How do you give up when she hasn't given up?

I never imagined how painful this disease could get. I feel so hopeless and watching the cancer take over hurts like nothing has ever before.

I did ask the hospice nurse if she could prescribe something to take the edge off....so her mind could be at ease if only for a short time. She prescribed Ativan. She finally got to sleep about a 1/2 hour ago and my stepdad just ran to pick up the prescription. As soon as she wakes up, I'm going to give her this and hope it will bring some relief.

She did eat a tiny bit for breakfast, but the hospice nurse told us to not try to force her to eat so there have been no fights regarding food.

This part of the journey is so new and so foreign to me. It just feels like my heart is being pulled apart piece by piece.

If anyone has any suggestions of something that I could do to make things easier for her or anything that has worked for others who have walked this terrible path, I would so much appreciate any help or advice anyone can offer.

Warm Hugs,


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Thank you for thinking of me and for your prayers.

I just posted an update on my Mom in the caregivers forum. It isn't good news, but I thought I would post for all of you that are so thoughtful and supportive to me.

Warm Hugs,


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