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Hi I have written a couple of emails to see if I was in the right place and a lot of you said that I was in the right place and soforth. Well where are my emails that I sent and the answers. Did I do something wrong or did they disapear into computer land? I am getting very frustrated and I am sure it is me and I am having a hard time. Help Miss Piggy

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Please don't be frustrated. they will get back to you I am sure of it. If I can do anything PM Me I check email 2-3 times a day.

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If you are not looking for anyone one in particular to answer your questions you can just post them here in the general forum or one of the others and you'll be more likely to get a response right away.

It may not be the specific answer you're looking for but at the very least people will acknowledge it.

Try not to be too frustrated, you're probably doing everything right it just takes time for email and PM replies.

Like RandyW if you want to test it out you can either email or PM me and I'll respond to let you know that it's working. I'm online all day.


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I am right now posting a reply to your post. This board does not offer emails so to speak. We reply to what you are saying right here on the board.

HOWEVER, I can email you, and I can PM (private message you) but I am answering your message under your message.

Please do me a favor and let me know if you are reading this message? Hit the POST REPLY button at the top of reading your message and it will allow you to reply.

You have posted under the General Forum 2 or three times now. At the top of the page it says,


Look at AUTHOR and you will see the messages you posted to the board.

Please let me know if your reading this. We're all here to help you. Don't worry you'll get the hang of it. :wink:

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Mary, people are answering your messages right here on the board. Every message you posted people have answered. Maybe we're not understanding something or maybe your not reading the replies? I'm not sure what it is your looking for. I know I had asked you to please reply so we knew if you were getting or reading our replies to your messages, and you never did answer.

We are all here to help you. Please go back and read over all of your posts (messages) that you wrote. Take a minute and click on the REPLY button and let us know that you are able to read and reply.

You just replied to this message so I think you know how to do the Reply.

In the PATH LESS TRAVELED Fourm, people have answered your messages.

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