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Talking to No one and Everyone


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Hello to all of you. This is unusual for me to do this. Ususally I talk to one person at a time. Now talking to everyone at once seems strange. In fact I am not sure I know what/or how to do it. I sure don't know what to say. Compared to others in this group I am fine. I am just starting my treck up the mountain and some of you have been on top for awhile or some are getting close to the top. Well, what do I say. The old saying "how are you and I am fine" just doesn't cut the mustard anymore. So now I just don't know what to talk about. I think I would get very discouraged it all I talked about my stats, when I might die, etc, etc. I would rather talk to people about their lives now and what they are doing, their families, their friends, going out to lunch having a hard having a shower with an oxygen tube coming from your nose. Does any of this make sence and is it possible to do here. If not please direct me to the right place. All help would be appreciated. Thank you. Miss Piggy[/b]

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We'll see what others say as they come along, but it sounds like you might benefit from a phone buddy in addition to posting here. Most posts here are directed toward specific questions, observations, or concerns people are dealing with at the time, with the entire membership available to help with experience and information. There is a forum with buddy information or I'm sure if you contacted the administration (KatieB in a PM or use the "contact us" link on the site, they could hook you up with someone in your area for intensive personal phone contact on day to day support and chatting about, well "stuff," if you think that might help).

There is also a general chat every Tuesday nite 8:00pm eastern time hosted by RandyW where we get together and just shoot the breeze informally on whatever is on people's minds at the time.

You're doing fine getting used to things here -- explore, ask away on questions, and get comfortable.


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Ok, about 12 listings down from this Path Less Travelled Forum on the message board menu is a section about local support: Become A Buddy/Looking For A Buddy and Face to Face LC Support are the two forums listed there that you might be interested in checking out.

For a telephone buddy, it looks like you can make a post requesting someone from your area become a buddy with you and interested folks will respond to you there. I see a recent "Sticky" (a post that stays at the top of the list of messages in a forum) from KatieB in there requesting that folks PM her who want to be matched up. If you read her "Sticky" message, you can just click on her PM button at the bottom of her message to contact her.

The Face to Face LC Support has listings with info. for several local LC support groups in CA -- I'm not sure if any of those are close to you or not.

Hope this info. helps,


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