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NYC Walk Postponed


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Well, the city officially lost not only the permit that was purportedly in the works, but our application as well. Joanie and I are both planning weddings ( :oops: ), my amazing team member Juanita Brown has been asked to do some other, incredible survivor work that she's going to be amazing at, and other team members had life catch up with them, as well.

So, finding myself two months out with no permit and, therefore, no ability to 'go to press' with a date/time/location, we've agreed to postpone it. Katie B and Cate, from LUNGevity, were very supportive. Cate agreed that more time to plan and execute a springtime walk was more valuable than getting the NYC walk in during LC awareness month. We plan to do the walk in May, when the weather will be lovely (and it will still be within the same fiscal year for LUNGevity).

So, sorry to have let some folks down but I am confident it has all worked out for the best. I love the idea of joining either the NJ (is that happening this year?) or Boston walks as a satellite walker.

Thanks for nudging me Rich, I am embarassed to admit I thought I'd posted this a week ago, after I spoke with Cate. Call it bride brain, I am sorry to keep people hanging.



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Sorry about the postponment. But a walk in May would be great. I would also love to visit NY in the spring. My daughter lives in North Jersey so I can kill to birds with one stone, but spending time with her also.

You are welcome to join our walk on Nov. 5th. It will be in Cooper Rive Park (beautiful walk) and we have great gifts for our chinese auction.

You mentioned you had some relatives, maybe you can visit and stay with them.

Just a thought, would love to meet you and your handsome fiancee.

Maryanne :wink:

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Hey Amie. I was out of town and then crazy busy at work and just saw this message. You can still count me in. You have my email, so let me know what's needed and what's going on, etc. when the time comes.

Enjoy your Bride Brain!

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