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I have been visiting this site for a few weeks now and this is my first post. Have been reading this section in particular - late stage. I am including you all in my prayers.

I have a question - is it ok to post the name of treatment centers - hospitals? My brother has not had a second opinion - two oncologists have reviewed his case both from the same hospital. I was wondering if there is one hospital/center that is particularly favored by late stage patients.

Another question - has anyone w/ stage IV experienced chills/high fever? Is it a common symptom?

Thank you all for sharing and being so positive and helpful. I have learned a lot from reading the various posts.

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My father experienced those symptoms when he had pneumonia and a collapsed lung due to the tumor blocking his airway. Definitely contact the doctor, asap!!

Regarding posting the names of hospitals & doctors, I see it happen on the board every now and then, I'm not aware of that being against the board rules, but I'm pretty new myself.

Good luck & God Bless!!

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Since your brother has been hospitalized, I'm sure the reason for the chills/fever is being tracked and I hope that they are getting that under control.

I would definitely seek a second opinion from another oncologist, associated with another center. Don't know where in California your bother is located, but there are many fine options. I started with UCSD Medical (San Diego) after initially being diagnosed locally. I am now with Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles and can't say enough good about that cancer center.

Feel free to e-mail me if you are in this area and I will be happy to relay my personal experiences.



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My s/o is a stage 3b and that is how they found his cancer. Due to his 24 hour fevers, and chills and day and night sweats! He would be up and down all night and couldn't even lay back in the bed without it being changed. It was like someone had dumped a quart of water in the bed. Some nights he changed his clothes 6 to 7 times.. Not to mention the same problems during the day. Most nights he would end up with a winter coat on and I would pile the blankets on him, because he would be so cold.(keep in mind this is with 80 degree weather). One minute he would be freezing and the next he would be hot! I agree with Christina too, that maybe you should also ask if the tumors could be causing this. Darrell's oncologist said its not a symptom of lc, but he agrees he now says that it is for Darrell. The oncologist wasn't even the one that ordered Darrells pet scan which found the new tumors growing in his lymphnodes, it was Darrells regular doctor. Because no one else would listen to us.

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We have no objections to naming medical centers/hospitals, as long as the comments are in good taste. Should you have an issue with a specific medical center/hospitals, then we suggest that you with hold your comments.

People have had some great experiences with some of the medical centers across the country and have shared those. There is nothing wrong with that. LCSC does not endorse one center over another, nor do we endorse one doctor over another. I guess you could say the key words are: "in good taste".

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