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lymph nodes?


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my mom's lung cancer is a 5cmX2cm tumor between her lungs with spreading to the lymph nodes. the doctor doesn't want to remove the tumor b/c it's in such a delicate place (he's afraid they may hit something causing her to bleed out--i say take your darned time...she's a person not a side of beef). is it an option for them to remove her lymph nodes at all?

also, how long does it usually take for a definite diagnosis? he said stage 3b with what he had at hand. her pet scan was cancelled b/c she's in the process of getting insurance thru the state. is that going to give him the information he needs to make a definite diagnosis?


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I am relatively new here, but I am going through the same thing with my mother. She was diagnosed with Stage 3b lung cancer with lymph nodes in her media steinum(chest) involvement. She was scheduled for surgery before it was determined that the lymph nodes were malignant. She had two pet scans which showed the nodes "lit up" and a spot on her right lung about the size of 1cm. The surgeon told us before surgery that the only way to determine if the mass is malignant is through a biopsy. Once the surgeon found out during the biopsy that the lymph nodes were malignant he told us that surgery at that time was not an option and that she would have to go through chemo and radiation. Because of the location of the lymph nodes they were not operable. She has completed one week of radiation and one week of chemo. She is scheduled for her second week of chemo on October 9. Mom has handled this very well.

No nausea or ill effects. She has a blah feeling and not alot of energy but her attitude is great. The next step will be after her next round of chemo, they will do a cat scan and then if it is possible surgery will follow. I know how hard this is being a daughter but this web site has been so helpful to me. There is so much compassion here and great advice. Keep everyone posted as to how your Mom is doing.


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my mom just completed her first week of radiation/chemo, too. she was in tears when i had to tell her that monday she has both again. the chemo seems to really be what's affecting her the most. she's also just going thru so much emotionally that i feel awful there isn't more i can do for her. i hope this weekend of rest helps both our moms!

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Just want you both to know that I had two lymph nodes to light up in my chest and had a 2.7 cm tumor in my right lung. I had 6 weeks of daily radiation concurrent with weekly chem (carboplatinum+taxol). I had surgery and my surgeon removed 20 lymph nodes from my chest and mediastinum. He also removed one of my rib bones to access the lymph nodes. Long story short none of the nodes nor the rib bone contained cancer. I had an upper right lobectomy. That was 15 months ago. I work every day. I do not have shortness of breath. I feel fine. It took a while to get over the soreness, but I am good and I thank God! My scans have all been clean. This is so scary for you I know. Talk to your doctors. Be proactive and positive.

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