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my mom has an infection (stage 3b although not a definite diagnosis). they kept her overnight and may keep her for the next few days (until her regular oncologist gets back from vacation). the fill-in doctor is giving her broad antibiotics as he doesn't know if this is tumor fever, side effect of chemo (she's on cisplatin/etoposide), or from the blood transfusion. did any of you experience infection from your chemotherapy treatment? she was to get her last dose of the cisplatin/etoposide yesterday which is being put off until they find the cause of the infection. thx.

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As far as I know, chemotherapy itself doesn't cause an infection, but it does put a person at increased risk for infection because the immune system is depressed during treatment. That's why folks are told to take extra hygiene precautions (wash those hands!) and to stay away from folks who are ill (colds/flu/etc.).

Infections (and the fever associated with it) from blood transfusions generally show up within 12-24 hours of the transfusion (so we were told when my mom had her transfusions).

Hope this helps,


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