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Advice please...for my mom in law


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Hello everyone, i am in need of some advice.

Let me tell you the timeline of my mother in law's story...she is 80 years old

Feb 06...sudden onset of a dvt,followed by ongoing weight loss (of 14 lbs), loss of appetite, muscle wastage.

March 06...because of dvt, drs do ct scan...shows no "obvious sign of malignancy" but 2 areas of concern that cannot totally rule out malignancy...a small "spiculated nodule" in the right lung and an "adrenal mass".

March 06 to August 06....couple of tests on cortisol levels re adrenal mass.Weight loss slowing down (4lbs). Intermittant pain in right shoulder. Drs do x-ray on right lung and say no problem.

September 06.....ongoing pain in right shoulder, pain now radiating down inside of right arm down to hand and 3 fingers (middle, ring and little finger). She is now in that much pain the doctor has today had to give her stronger painkillers and has sent her for a shoulder x-ray querying arthritis.

I am well aware that by searching the internet you can make yourself paranoid, but her symptoms are so like a pancoast tumour of the lung and i am so worried. She is taking maximum amounts of pain kellers and still wakes in the night in pain and in tears.

Any advice appreciated.


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Hello Tracey and welcome

I am definitely in agreement with the others advice here. I think waiting this long if your MIL is in that much pain is a bad idea. Please consider a 2nd opinion.

Keep us posted and let us know how we can help you further. This is a wonderful group of people here with lots of warmth and compassion as well as information.

My best to you,


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Thank you all so much for your words.

I took my m-i-l to the dr again this morning and they have given her stronger pain killers and also gave her some acupunture to try to releive the pain.

I will give her a couple of days to see how she goes, i have already called hospital trying to bring appt for 16th Oct forward.

Thanks again


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