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People hope for different things at different times in their lives. When you were first diagnosed with cancer, you probably hoped that your treatment would be successful and that your cancer would go into remission. You may have relied on hope to get you through the difficult days of treatment and the changes that came to your life.

Hope may not be easy to find. The changes that come with cancer can sometimes be overwhelming and cause a great deal of uncertainty. Hope can help you move forward despite bad news and disappointments. Even if the challenges that you must deal with are large ones, hope can help you find the strength and courage to face them.

What are some suggestions for survivors who want to create more hope in their lives?

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When hearing the statistics, look at the other side - there ARE survivors, just determine that you are going to be one.

Anything that feels it needs to be done, like writing a will, should be done. EVERYONE should have a will, people die in accidents every day.

Plan as if you will live forever, live as if you will die tomorrow. Get it ALL in - if you check off everything on your "to do before I die" list, put some new things on it!

If the monsters under the bed are really getting to you, talk to your doctor about better living through chemistry. Many of us have needed a bit of medical help to get through the first days or longer. It isn't always a daily pill that is needed, sometimes it's just the "Band-Aid" of an anti-anxiety medicine like Xanax to get through the times the elephant sits on your chest.

Notice the small things in life, take time to smell the roses and take it all in. Every day contains its own miracles, notice them.

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Now that you are here at, know that whatever comes your way whether it is good news, bad news, good times, tough times, life and loss, you will never go through it alone now.

There are people around the world who understand everything you are going through, all you are feeling, and love you and pray for you every day.

You've joined the biggest, most supportive and knowledgeable family imaginable.

We are here for you.... always.

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