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New Pic and X-Ray


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Hi Everyone --

Just wanted to let you see the picture I finally figured out how to add to the profile. It was taken just a couple months ago at my college graduation. BEFORE we new cancer was lurking.....

Anyways, my mom is gearing up for her 2nd round of chemotherapy next Wed. She still hasn't lost her hair yet and has felt pretty good through this first round. She took lost of anti-nauseuas meds and steroids in the beginning. The only things she complains about is that food doesn't taste good -- sort of metallic.

The big news, besides her white blood cell count actually INCREASING after chemo, is that they took an x-ray of her chest this week, and can't see the original tumor in her left lung. It appears to have either dissappeared ..... hopefully not moved or something weird. And lymph nodes, which they've not yet confirmed that there is cancer in, appear to be shrunken down to their normal size. All in all, we're not sure what this all means. It would be a miracle to have the cancer GONE, but things are looking a little more positive.

She goes in for a CAT scan about a week after her 2nd round of chemotherapy.... I guess we'll know more then. But does anybody have any experience or stories with tumors no longer appearing??? Everyday its something different.

God bless, Kristy

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It looks like we have a lot in common. The picture of me and my mom and dad was taken at my college graduation too...and I often think back to that time when she looked so healthy, and we had no inkling of what was to come in just a few short months.

Anyway, It sounds like you are getting some good news...and I will pray that you continue to get more of the same

Take care


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Kristy, yes, my wife had the same chemo treatment, and the very small tumor in her left lung disappeared, as well as tumors in her skull and rib. It is hard to tell about the tumors on her right fibula, left hip, and upper spine because the growing bone also highlights in the scans, but it appears they have shrunk also. Keep plugged in here. Best to you and your mom. Don

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