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Dad still dealing with Pain

Guest migizicny

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Guest migizicny

Hi all. I am sitting here waiting by the phone to speak with my Dad's oncologist. He has been in the hospital 4 weeks today. Since hospitalized, he has been through the gammit of pain remedies. All to no avail. He cannot sit up or get on his feet. The goal for his RN today was to get him in a chair.

Treatment plan now is adding bupicaine to the intrathecal pump along with 4.5 mg morphine. He will get PO morphine for breakthrough.

I am wondering what others have experienced.

My brother called me yesterday with panic in his voice saying Dad was dying. I spoke with the RN who said he was not dying, but is declining. He is not eating very much. Throat very sore from radiation to brain. Using "Magic Mouthwash" to help that.

I know the time is coming for us to make a decision as to where Dad will go from the hospital. He has a home with an alcoholic girlfriend of 20 years who cannot (admittedly) care for him at all. I am an onc RN, but live in NY, far from my dad in IL. His city does not have inpatient hospice available, exept through various nursing homes. The connotation of a nursing home makes me crazy. And I know Dad hates the thought of that.

Suggestions, prayers and encouragement accepted!


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