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We have two new forums that should be informative and fun. Both are under the heading of NUTRITION.

The first is:


Nutritional information, links and new stories that may be beneficial to health and survival.

This is a place that will have links to some very informative web sites. You can also post some nutritional tips about some of the things that worked for you or your loved one.

The second is:


Nutritional recipes and food ideas for healthy living.

This is a place to post recipes that will benefit all and should be a lot of fun. If you read over the post: HOW TO USE THIS FORUM-PERSONAL COOKBOOK and Guidelines, you will learn how to copy and paste your recipes into your computer in an orderly fashion. Your own Cookbook. You can also post tips on how to use your favorite spice or herb. So please post your recipes.

If you would like to be informed when a recipe is updated or added to; then just make a post and say I’ll try it. That way you will be notified when someone post to it. If you try a recipe and like it come back and make a comment, if you did not like it, try another one free.

Don’t forget to order your copy of the Cookbook that Andrea has put together, should be available soon.

So hit your Back button scroll down to NUTRITION and have some fun.


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Thanks for Moderating these new forums, Ernie. I kick in aricles of interest as you know and hope to get around to contributing some recipe ideas soon. Busy season coming up at work so! Will try when I can find a few minutes to contribute rcipes,and will always seek articles for these forums.

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