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Hi everyone. I'm wondering if anyone out there could answer a question for me. I am on SS disability, and the ridiculous (sp) 2 year wait for medicare will be up the end of Jan. Do you think a supplemental policy is necessary when you have medicare A & B? The company I now have insurance through has a supplemental policy but the cost is $145.00 per month, and doesn't pay unless medicare pays. Just trying to figure this stuff out in time to take care of it. Thank you all so much. God Bless, Mary

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Mary, I would suggest you call 1-800-772-1213 and ask for a brochure on Medicare and study it carefully.

Medicare has two options for coverage but not in all areas of the U.S. is the Medicare Choice+ Plan. I don't know about your area that is why i suggest you inquire at the 800 number or call your local office. If you don't know the phone number of your local office have the 800 number operator give it to you...The one option is the regular Medicare Part A & Part B. Part A covers hospital stays, skilled nursing home care, home health care, hospice care and blood . There is a deductible and usually your supplemental policy pays this. Most people do not pay any monthly charge for Part A. Part B covers medical and other services, clinical lab services, home health care, outpatient hosp serv and blood. There is a monthly charge for Part B. Usually what medicare does not pay, the supplemental policy will but again you will have to check your supplemental policy to see what it actually does cover...The second option is Medicare Choice + Plan which is either an HMO plan, or a Private Fee-for-service plan. Not sure if this is in your area . With the HMO, one usually does not need a supplemental policy but remember, if this is your choice and you have it in your area that if you do not like it after a while and want to go back to the regular Medicare Part B you may not be able to get the supplemental policy through your past employer after turning it down...and you may not get another supplemental policy with pre-exiting conditions so think hard before turning down your supplemental policy. A supplemental policy is not something one has to keep for life if the cost is overbearing....

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Dear Norme, Thank you so very, very much for your most helpful reply. I will certainly check the toll free number and do some more investigating along those lines. I don't know if I'm simply "stupid" or if this is all somewhat confusing for everyone. Probably the prior. (ha).. Anyway, thak you again for taking the time to respond. God Bless, Mary

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