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Waiting game all over again...


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So this is the update on my daddy....

Dad has now officially finished his treatment. Last day of chemo was on thursday. So now we are back to where we started in one sense. First we have to wait for a schedule of scans and then the results.

I hate this part. This week has been hard for me mentally. While dad was in treatment it was almost like a break from it all...I know that may seem odd but I guess I mean because something was being done it wasnt so bad. Now it feels bad again...all the worries are back and stronger than ever, cause now you got the "what if nothing happened" to think about.

I pray for something good because I worry my dad wont do anymore treatment..he didnt want to even finish this time around.

Sorry for babbling...I feel like I have to hold my family together so I only get the chance to voice my concerns here.

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We have all been down that road and are still stopping for stop signs before proceeding forward. What you are feeling is very natural. It takes a while or maybe it really never takes getting use to. It just becomes part of daily life.

Hope for the best that he won't need anymore chemo...will pray for all of you....

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Hi Tracy,

I know exactly how you feel. My world was turned upside down in May with waiting for results, appointments, biopsies to get to the bottom of everything. And, yes, youre right, chemo seemed like a "break" because we were doing something about it. Next week my father goes for scans and then Friday we go to oncologist to find out results.

Are they talking surgery for your father?

I try to be supportive of my mother and sisters. Thats why I come here and let it all hang out!!! Keep us posted. I'll say a prayer for your father.

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